7 Little known secret divorce strategies

So you’ve been in a marriage for a while now and things are getting to the point where you are thinking about a divorce or are in the middle of divorce proceedings…….

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Well, if you fall into any of the above, then not to worry because we are going to help and show you how to win divorce. Michael Thomas reveals the top 7 of the many secret divorce strategies and tactics that can help you in winning your divorce.

1. Kill or be Killed- Prepare for the coming battles

Statistically , the odds are your divorce will get ugly. Your ‘ soul mate’ is most likely to become your worst enemy. Only about 15% of divorces are simple and easy…. both of you agreeing on everything, no hassels, no harsh words or ill feeling, no problems with money, property, child custody, cars, house, etc! Never , never underestimate the intentions or plans of your Ex to harm you and to take advantage of you. Give them an inch and they will take 2 miles. They will do almost anything to win a divorce

2. Stop Talking

‘Use your ears twice as much as your mouth’ should be your new mantra, your key divorce strategy. Before you tell your spouse it’s all over , and hire an attorney and do all the things you are going to do…STOP TALKING. You have made your decision, now is the time for stealth. Don’t give your spouse an edge by telling them of your plans. Surprise is one of your tools and you only get to use it once! This has to be one of your main divorce tactics

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3. The Spy Who ( Used to ) Love me.

Change all your passwords, email addresses, and internet banking account names. Open a new account in a bank that your spouse does not use. Use a new address for mail to get sent to. Perhaps your parents or a sibling. Copy all family documents, birth records, property and loan documents, credit card statements, etc. You cannot go back and reconstruct your life, your house and your marraige once someone files for divorce. Each of you will do things to alter your reality to your own benefit. Take pictures-they will be invaluable later when you are trying to prove your position. This is one of the key divorce tactics for women and men alike.

4. Tools of the Trade.

Use modern technology to confirm your claims. Without proof, everything you both say or do is only hearsay. And proof is either written or recorded electronically. Buy a digital micro recorder. These are valuable in that you can record conversations easily. Same with a video camera. Set the camera on the dash of your car and let it roll! Use your cell phone camera. You would be amazed at what you can capture to help you win divorce.

5. Interview with a Vampire.

Call every good attorney in town. Set an appointment with them. Start with the best ones, those you might actually end up working with and work you way through to the crappy ones. What you are doing is establishing a relationship with these attorneys and you are going to tell them intimate details that will taint their ability to represent your spouse- All part of divorce strategies and tactics to win divorce.

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6. Budget Control.

Once you have engaged an attorney clearly establish from the beginning that you expect regular and frequent updates. Tell them that you expect to have all of the property settlement issues finished for under $xxxx . Ask if they think they can do this. Remember they work for you!

7. Sore Loser

What to do if you lose? Well you may well lose a few battles along the way. Some of the divorce strategies and tactics may not work for you but the goal must be to win the war! If you lose analyze why, what you need to do to correct the problem, and decide when it’s best to make the changes in court. Sometimes you can lull your ex into making mistakes by backing off and waiting 3-6 months, then file to amend your orders. This way you are doing your own divorce review.

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